Saturday, December 09, 2006

Now cross your fingers.....let's hope he get's indicted

Dollar Bill prevails.

I can't say I'm too upset. At least now we have the possibility of an indictment, and maybe we can get another choice besides Carter. Call it an overtime.

Hey, maybe OT will make a run in OT. Lets' hope.


Anonymous said...

Oliver would have crushed them all.

Anonymous said...

i dont get us. we want change but n.i.m.b.y.

maybe we are more mainstream america than we think.

jeffrey said...

Jefferson will probably not be indicted.... will definitely not be convicted. But I've been saying this all along

oyster said...

Run Oliver Run!

Jason Brad Berry said...

Once again, Jeff....I find myself respectfully disagreeing with you. Letton wants Dollar Bill some kinda bad....there's gonna be an indictment. I think his re-election will provide added incentive. Now a conviction is another story..I'll give you that as a distinct possibility. But right now it's important for us for an indictment to come down, and I think Letton will push the Justice Department to do just that.


I'm not so sure that's what happened here. I don't see how Carter was an instrument of change as much as trading one devil for the other. So I'm not so sure we didn't do the right thing here....IF Jeff is wrong and I am right that is. Let's hope for the indictment.

Overall I'm actually glad this went down this way. I think it sends a clear message to Karen that we're sick of this shit...even if we have to re-elect the grand poohbaa of corruption to make the point.

We're gonna see an indictment....I'll bet you Jeff.

jeffrey said...

It just doesn't make sense that they would have put off indicting him if they didn't think they had him.. given the value an indictment would have had politically before the national elections.

I still think they'll be hard-pressed to convict him because he technically did not facillitate this bribery scheme. He.. in fact.. tried to just steal the money from both parties. It's tricky.

Jason Brad Berry said...

i think they're taking their time with the case and making sure they build the case correctly. I think they know they have him, but Edwin Edwards first trial back yonder was a great lesson for them. I think they are making the case bullet proof.

If it goes to a jury trial it will get really interesting. He may pull an O.J.

I can tell you they have a tremendous amount of dirt on's interesting they chose this particular scenario.

All I would say is don't underestimate Letton's intent....I think he want's Dollar Bill badly as he represents the pinnacle of corruption in the city and state.

Judy Thorne said...

Looking forward to it happening.

Anonymous said...

I still don't see this as some kind of "silver lining", as I don't see Karen Carter as NEARLY the terrible candidate that it became fashionable to see her as after the primary. Not to mention that, as far as the rest-of-the-country, I'm-sypathetic-to-the-needs-of-New Orleans concerns go, the damage is already done with Jefferson's re-election.

Jason Brad Berry said...


I guess I may be aware of Karen's transgressions a little more than I see this is a POSSIBLE silver lining. The other aspect is that the Fed already knows the majority of BJ's schemes and they are much easier to track. Karen is whole 'nother story.

What needs to happen is that we launch a statewide audit on all non-profits who are connected with city, state and federal funds. That is the best place to start.

I need to blog this....thanks for the comment.

Jason Brad Berry said...


I know...but don't think for one second the U.S. Justice Dept. isn't taking cues from Letton on this case.

I think one reason why they chose this particular battle, Is that they may be able to try him outside of Louisiana.

If he faces a Louisisana jury...his odds of conviction are far less than a federal court outside of LA.

And you're right, they probably don't care about ELECTON cycles....they care about a conviction.

I never meant to imply that Letton is prosecuting this case.

Anonymous said...

You're obviously more aware of Carter's failings than I am; I've been asking at a number of blogs just what it is that makes Jefferson look like the better choice. I'm assuming it has to have something to do with illicit medical experiments on puppies and their orphan owners. Either that, or someone found out that the woman who gave Ron Mexico his "chronic condition" got it from Carter....

Jason Brad Berry said...

Well, here is a very real issue. Not ridiculous scenarios as you portray.

She willfully protected a bloated, grafted school system budget by blocking Amato from performing an independent audit to gut the system which was doling out: 1. illegal 2. incompetent contracts across the city and state. Meanwhile, our children don't have books....literally.

Bill had his hands in the budget as well. They are both pieces of shit, as far as I'm concerned.