Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ancient correction

A very long time ago, when I was trying to piece together pieces of the city IT puzzle, I made this assertion:

Keep your eyes out for a state contractor called Benetech...former Imagine crony Chris Drake is reported to be overseeing the project per Benetech at a salary of about 500k/year. Drake is also reportedly "in tight" with DHS officials who are issuing the grant.

I was wrong. Drake was not making 500k...not even close. And I don't think Benetech was involved.


Anonymous said...

Your back-peddling is very unattractive. And besides, it's too late for that. See you in court.

Jason Brad Berry said...

cool. I'll be the guy smiling.

Jason Brad Berry said...

and you'd be the visitor from Dallas?

whirlygurl said...

ohhhhh, anon is scary!

Anonymous said...

Dambala, please put the word out as early as you can when you think you'll need that legal defense fund.

We might have to organize benefit concerts and the like, and you know how lazy musicians are:)