Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Please Donate to Haiti

Here's mine:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post.

Unknown said...

Perhaps New Orleanians could bring some of the ideas we generated for rebuilding after the Federal Flood down to the home of vodoun.

Anonymous said...

And perhaps Louisiana could stop dumping cheap rice into their economy, ruining their own domestic rice farming industry.

In the immediate aftermath of the crisis, aid is going to be needed and welcome, but Western aid has been part of the problem for Haiti for a long time.

Perhaps people in Lousiana could think of Haiti when the rice industry is active politically.

Mojofearless said...

Thanks, Dambala, for the link to
I realize that Haiti's immediate needs are water, food, medicine, etc, but as we all know, there are going to be long-term rebuilding needs as well, and that's one of the reasons I chose to support the Cine Institute. It's the only film school in Haiti, and despite the fact that their building collapsed, yesterday the students were already digging out the equipment that could be saved so that they could document this historic tragedy through their own eyes. I saw a photo that they sent to the Globe and Mail in the UK yesterday, for example.
Anyway, I encourage your readers to donate to the efforts in Haiti as they see fit, whether it's Red Cross, Oxfam or Cine Institute - doesn't matter.
Its all good. It's all needed.

mike said...


You might find this link interesting and hopefully you will join the chorus to get P.Robertson off the air.

The short version is that the bigot decided to make the claim that Haiti's problems stem from them making a pact with Satan to over throw the French.

This article,

delves into the history behind that asinine claim.

Jason Brad Berry said...

no way would i try to get Pat Robertson off the air. He's the most entertaining nutjob on the planet. I watch the 700 club just for the sheer stupidity, indignant banter, and not-so-subtle hate mongering.

This guy is one of a kind...and while I may not agree with anything he says, I will defend to the death his right to say it, and I will defend to the death my right to smoke a doob and laugh my ass of at him.

mike said...


While I applaud your enlightened enjoyment of his wingnuttery, at least use your public presence to highlight it. I am a retired Navy CPO and I do defend his right to say what he wants, I just insist he has no right to a public sponsored soapbox to say it from.

Lets face it, like Palin, his kind of rhetoric is divisive and attacks that core fundamentals expressed by the Founding Fathers of this country. Way to many people in the heartland of the U.S. sit in front of their idiot boxes nodding their heads and agreeing with him.

They send his God-for-Profit machine hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and every time he says stuff like this those donations to his pocket spike!

lets cut off his income so he can have a come to jesus moment..

Jason Brad Berry said...

oh yeah...the guy is fucking evil incarnate. He was involved in the blood diamond trade, and word has it he's good buds with Prince of Blackwater, now Xe.

I agree totally with you...but he's been spouting out shit like this for years. He said the same thing about us when Katrina hit.

I don't know if even warrants a post by me, I'd just be dissing him in my own little world. I think this is getting plenty of media coverage nationally.

I think the guy is probably tormented by his own conscious every day....I doubt there's anything you could do to make him suffer more.

mike said...

but i would like to try! lol

Anonymous said...

He's only thinking of Marie Antoinette's boobies.

He thinks he could have saved that little piece of heaven if he'd been around back in the day.

I blame those history video games, and maybe those fairs where people dress up like Renaissance douchebags to sit in the heat drinking piss-thin beer from plastic cups.

If he's getting mad about revolutions that happened a couple hundred years ago, someone needs to speed dial his shrink.

Anonymous said...

New Lawsuit filed against Troy Henry. . .

Diamond Darren
Henry Troy; Henry Consulting LLC
1/14/2010 2:10-cv-00093C Berrigan
(New Orleans)

antiabecedarian said...

here is a guardian article about the cine institute: