Saturday, February 06, 2010


Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

The next time some goat-bugger like John Georges wants to say they don't pay attention to a particular Zombie jus'ax him if he can count to 10--PERCENT OF THE VOTE? Nah, make it easy, how about 7 PIDDLY PERCENTS???
7 Cents on'da Dolla
mak'a Georges Holla!
Hell, I bet even the goats are...
Thanks fo'hangin, Mon.

Anonymous said...

New Lineup:




Guidry (yes, she;ll beat Batt)



Mrs. Morrell





Anonymous said...

I was happy to see John Georges looking so sad in the post-election pictures.

I hope Galatoire's business declines until he sells his share.

He wants so desperately to belong.

Noticing that inspires compassion for him.

But then the pictures from your "Folly of Youth" post come to mind, and I think of the way he handled questions about that, his ongoing association with his old fraternity brothers, and my heart hardens.

Thanks, Zombie.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Guidry/Head-Tight Ends (ahem!:)
Palmer/Mrs. Morrell/Badon- Defensive Backs

Special Teams:Perry/Henry/Jacobs/Midura/Honore'/Sen Landrieu(?)
...and Our Lady of Prompt Succor?

Who will become Corps Victimizor fo'da Mayor's Office of Flood Safety? Jus'sayin...

Word Verification Thingy (WVT)?
Now lets go tame some Colts Ass!

anonymous-lady said...

Anonymous 1: I hope your predictions are correct. Jon Johnson is partially responsible for some of Dist E's problems. Willard-Lewis has served her useful life.

Perhaps some some blood and professionalism will inject much needed life into this community. Our livelihoods depend on it.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to admit Georges was quite gracious in his speech. Looks like it ended up costing him between $350-400 per vote. Maybe he could have done better if he would have just given 20,000 people a comped meal at Galatoire's. By the way, it was nice to see that no one was reading penned speaking point notes off of their hands!

Anonymous said...

After that showing, I have gotta think we have seen the last of John Georges in the public arena.

People just instinctively don't trust him.

Anonymous said...

Updated...based on 89,000 voters and 9% of the vote, as well as 3.4 million of personal money spent (not even including money raised), Georges spent $424 per vote.