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Just because she may run for the Council does not rise to the level of the appearance of impropriety which may require her recusal. Also, just because she signed the rule to show cause setting it for hearing does not mean she intends to hear the motions. As you point out, her appointment will likely expire before the hearing.

Ramsey ran for mayor AGAINST Landrieu. If he wanted his way over Wisner, which I do not doubt and as expressed so well in your work, believe me, Medley is much more inclined to Landrieu's position. I'm not a supporter of Ramsey, but think you've read too much in on this one. If I'm wrong, i will admit it. 

"As you point out, her appointment will likely expire before the hearing."

The date was set for yesterday, July 26, she would have presided over it...period...if not for the attorneys requesting an extension. So that's incorrect.

"Ramsey ran for mayor AGAINST Landrieu. If he wanted his way over Wisner, which I do not doubt and as expressed so well in your work, believe me, Medley is much more inclined to Landrieu's position."

Ramsey didn't run AGAINST Landrieu, in my opinion. She did run, but not to win. And anyone who is being backed by Ike Spears and Cedric Richmond is suspect to want to argue that one with me? 

And this does rise to the level of impropriety...I don't know how you think it doesn't. How many City Council members have been tagged for "impropriety" in the past few years or even indicted? Was Sonja Spears guilty of "impropriety"? Do you have any idea what really goes on behind the scenes of the CDC? You want to see an example?

In case you didn't read the three part series I did on the mortgage and conveyance crash, at least read part 3:

A short synopsis, the CDC judges were illegally charging and receiving funds for online access to court documents. They had cut their IT budget to the core and the Chief Technology Officer, Tynia Landry, had begged them to upgrade the IT system. They ignored her and as a result they damn near lost every mortgage and conveyance record back to 1983. 

They then threw her under the bus to hide their own "impropriety" and mis-dealings. They fired her, she ended up moving to Dallas to get a new job. I still stay in contact with her and what they did to her to save their own asses is abhorrent. 

Watch this video of three of the CDC judges outright LYING to City Council to cover their own asses...yes LYING TO CITY COUNCIL... this interview with Landry of what the protocol actually was:

They lied and threw this poor girl under the bus to cover their asses. The Clerk was responsible for IT purchases, not the judges. Unfortunately Atkins sat there like a knot on a log and allowed them to lie. 

To say Medley is more inclined to Landrieu's position is based on what? My point is that this case landed in Div. D...Medley's court. Assuming Medley is at least half-way just, he understands the case better than an Ad Hoc judge thrown in at the last second. Also, I plan on filling that court room up with AZ readers to watch what if nothing else, this case will face the court of public opinion as well. If anything egregious happens, it will be "televised". 

Maybe I am reading too much into this but at every turn, Landrieu has pulled political puppet strings to get what he wants, subverting democracy in the process. I don't know if that is the case here, with the judiciary, but I am going to call it out every time I see any inkling of it. And as far as the CDC...after what I learned in the above story...the whole entity is suspect.

You can even pull out the old "conspiracy theorist" tag if you want. I was called that with Meffert, I was called that with Nagin, I was called that with Bennett, I was called that with Fradella, I was called that with BP, I am being called that with the Wisner story.....go ahead and throw it out again.

I'll let the blog's track record speak for itself. 

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Anonymous said...

There is an awful lot of throwing people under buses to hide impropriety going on in the world.

I was raised to think that you could not hide your dirty laundry from God, so do your best not to have any, and when you do (we all do), don't try to push the consequences of your failings off onto other people. Step up and be a man (or a woman).

Out of curiosity, how does the pantheon of Gods in your faith think about balancing the scales?

Jason Brad Berry said...

In Yoruba, the pantheon is vertical. For the most part the gods are equilateral with the exception of Legba and Oludamare. Legba is the gatekeeper to the gods and Oludamare is like an overseer but neither is necessarily any more powerful than the others. They all have to coexist, and play their respective roles in order to keep balance.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I mean, horizontal...not vertical.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the proof will be in the outcome. I do not know the "deep deep," so I'll go with perception, and my perception is that she is not a team player. I could give you more, but I'm on vacation and not so inclined.