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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

David Vitter - a stalking obsession

You know, I have great solution to this.

I've got these guys tracking me....they're called Bearden and Associates....Senator Vitter is paying for it....I'll agree to check in every 6 hours or so and give his campaign updates on what I'm doing (mostly working on my golf game) and he can just use Bearden to track this renegade Syrian, his own wife, Wendy Vitter, helped  bring in to Baton Rouge.

Do we have a deal, Dave?  Everyone wins...of course I don't mean the election...I just mean in the interim.

Actually, I will have my tech friends create an app that will track my location in real time, via GPS, and even let the public track me.  Will you play along, Senator?  

Friday, November 13, 2015

David Vitter - Manufacturing Dissent

I'm not making a partisan statement but I want to post this letter the Louisiana Democrats have issued to Senator Vitter:

An Open Letter to Senator David Vitter

In addition to these questions they have posed to David Vitter, I have a question I would like posed to the unnamed woman who met with Wes Bearden in the Hammond IHOP.

While I have never met the woman Bearden coerced false testimony from, also known as subornation of perjury, I think I know who she is.  If this false affidavit was indeed delivered to the FBI as Senator Vitter stated, I would hope the FBI interviews the woman and confirms I never spoke with her nor attempted to contact her, much less paid her or anyone else I spoke with while researching this story.  I have never offered money to anyone I've interviewed on any story I've written on this blog. I was only recently made aware of who this woman is and the nature of her past relationship to Wendy Ellis.

I would very much like the FBI to ask this woman the following question:

- Were you ever on the boat, the Aera, owned by William Andre Drouila, with David Vitter and Wendy Ellis (Cortez)?

I will be filing an ethics complaint with both the Louisiana State Bar Association and the Texas State Bar Association against Mr. Bearden for suborning perjury against me.

Also, I would like to know if Mr. Bearden paid this woman or anyone else for the false testimony.

Monday, November 09, 2015

David Vitter - Commentary - "shady blogger" gets stalked by shadier Senator who then plays victim card

Stephanie Grace quick take:  Prostitution scandal, surveillance, campaign ads all come up at David Vitter, John Bel Edwards' first face-to-face exchange:

"Vitter came closest to making news on this front, when he linked his suspicions about John Cummings, the wealthy trial lawyer and Edwards donor taped by a Vitter p.i. at a Metairie coffee shop, to Danny DeNoux, a private investigator who was also at the table along with Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand. DeNoux has admitted he found a source for a blogger who's been investigating Vitter's past, and at the forum Monday, Vitter said Denoux also was a target of the Vitter campaign's surveillance, which he deemed neither illegal nor improper. 
"That person was researching what I believe is an illegal scheme" to "pay for false testimony for witnesses against me," Vitter said. He said he had already contacted federal authorities over the matter."
Awesome! Yes! I hope he has gone to federal authorities over the matter and I hope the federal authorities ask him the following questions I posited in my previous post:

1.  What, if any, was the nature of your relationship with William Andre Droulia in the 1990's and or the estate of Helis Oil and Gas?

2.  Did you ever come into contact with Michelle Mosgrove and did you have sex with her?  Did you pay to have sex with her or did someone else pay for you to have sex with her specifically at a party on St. Charles Avenue circa 1996?

3.  Were you ever on the boat, the "Aera"?

4.  Were you ever on the boat, the "Aera", with Wendy Ellis (Cortez)?  Was there a picture taken of you on the Aera with Wendy Ellis (Cortez)?

5.  Do you have any firsthand information about the suicide/death of Michelle Mosgrove on Dec. 7, 1997?

Also, if any federal authority would like to speak with me, I would be happy to put them in touch with numerous confidential sources that don't want to go on the record. I'm sure most of them would be happy to aid in any investigation, they just don't want their names to be made public.

This is the best news yet....if he's willing to talk to the FBI...that's great.

In the meantime, I would love for Senator Vitter to clear up exactly what his sins were fifteen years ago...that's the year 2000.  Is he admitting to the relationship with Wendy Ellis?

Also, I would like to know exactly what he means by "false testimony" in the story I have researched. What, exactly, is false?  I would love to sit down with the Senator and discuss, point by point, what he thinks is false in anything I've reported.  I challenge him to sit down with me, on camera, just like Wendy Ellis did and answer my questions so we can find out exactly what he is referring to by "false testimony".

And, I would like to see him sit down with Ricky Ketchum and tell him to his face that he is lying when he placed Vitter visiting the exact location, 904 Dumaine, repeatedly, at the exact time frame Wendy Ellis claimed their relationship took place.  It's one thing to say Ellis is lying but Ketchum was an independent, objective source.  And why haven't any MSM reporters asked him about Ketchum's testimony?  Why is that?  

It amazes me that he had me followed, he was stalking me and my family, at my house... he was stalking an independent reporter, not a campaign he is suggesting he's been victimized?  That's rich.

Wendy Ellis was brave enough to come forward and allow me to question her on camera. Is David Vitter brave enough?        

Friday, November 06, 2015

David Vitter - the Helis connection

Yesterday, WWL-TV's David Hammer ran this story on Senator David Vitter's "strong-armed" attempts to get drilling, actually fracking, permits approved in St. Tammany Parish for the company Helis Oil and Gas:

Vitter's position on Northshore fracking project angers group

The story is of particular interest to me because it reveals a relationship between Helis and Vitter.

I posted a story on October 22 that detailed an alleged sexual liaison David Vitter had with two escorts in one night, at a party on St. Charles Ave back in 1996. Jeanette Maier, the Canal Street Madame, explained how she had sent three escorts to this party and upon return two of them told her they had sex, for money, with Vitter at the party.  Vitter would have been a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives at the time.

Jeanette declined to identify one of the women, but did identify the second...her name was Michelle Mosgrove.


Michelle Mosgrove was found dead of an alleged self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head on August 7, 1997, at the age of 28.  The purported suicide took place on a boat docked in Point Cadet Marina, Biloxi Mississippi, and owned by a man named William Andre Droulia , or "Big D...Big Daddy" to his friends.

A public records request for the police report only turned up the first page of a five page report, with the name of the boat owner redacted.  I did, however, confirm through a second party, a former captain of the boat, that the "Aera" was owned by Droulia at the time of the suicide.

Why does this matter?  It just so happens that William Andre Droulia was an heir to the Helis Oil and Gas empire.

The information from people I've spoken to who knew "Big D" described him as a troubled man with a penchant for excessive drug use.  He frequented the company of escorts both on his boat and in the French Quarter through the 90's. Big D lived on the 800 block of Burgundy and oversaw a limited number of rental properties in the Quarter owned by his family's enterprise.

Droulia had at least one run in with the law on December 5, 1995 when he was charged with possession of cocaine after being stopped on Burgundy and St. Ann Streets for public drunkenness:

State V. Droulia 

Wendy Ellis knew both Droulia and Michelle Mosgrove.  She told me that Droulia was Michelle's "sugar daddy" and that the two of them spent a lot of time together in the days leading up to her death.

Of all the information I've uncovered on this story, Mosgrove's death is the most disturbing.

Everyone I've spoken to, from Wendy Ellis to numerous unnamed sources who knew Mosgrove, have stated they do not believe Michelle committed suicide that night on the Aera. They all believe something more nefarious took place and the crime scene was made to look like a suicide.  When I asked what the motive for the murder would have been, three of the sources stated the same thing, "She was running her mouth".

Let me be clear, I'm not suggesting David Vitter was involved in the "suicide" of Michelle Mosgrove. But, I have reason to believe Senator Vitter had a relationship with William Droulia in the 90's and may have been on the Aera, himself.

Vitter will not allow me to interview him but if he would speak with a mainstream reporter or even better, a federal law enforcement officer, I would like him to answer the following questions:

1.  What, if any, was the nature of your relationship with William Andre Droulia in the 1990's and/or the estate of Helis Oil and Gas?

2.  Did you ever come into contact with Michelle Mosgrove and did you have sex with her?  Did you pay to have sex with her or did someone else pay for you to have sex with her specifically at a party on St. Charles Avenue circa 1996?

3.  Were you ever on the boat, the "Aera"?

4.  Were you ever on the boat, the "Aera", with Wendy Ellis (Cortez)?  Was there a picture taken of you on the Aera with Wendy Ellis (Cortez)?

5.  Do you have any firsthand information about the suicide/death of Michelle Mosgrove on Dec. 7, 1997?

My hope, aside from any election issues, is that a new investigation, preferably federal, will be launched into the death of Michelle Mosgrove.



Sunday, October 25, 2015

David Vitter - The Diaper Story..................

It's not true.

100% false.

The story is true but it wasn't about David's someone else.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

David Vitter - Interview with Jeanette Maier

In 2003, Jeanette Maier was indicted by federal prosecutors along with eleven other women for operating a brothel on Canal Street here in New Orleans. The story made national news and although Maier produced a list of clients not a single man was indicted for their solicitation of the brothel's employees. In fact, Jeanette's notorious client list was sealed by Federal Judge Ivan Lemelle.

While the client list remains sealed, Jeanette has since spoken about some of her more prestigious clients including now candidate for Lt. Governor, Billy Nungesser, and candidate for Governor, Sen. David Vitter.

Maier suggested multiple times that Vitter was a "client" but it was unclear if he actually visited the Canal Street Brothel since she also admitted his name was not on her client list. I've always wanted to clarify what she meant by these admissions and I got the opportunity to interview her on camera this week.

The first question I asked, "Exactly how did you service David Vitter?":

Jeanatte on St Charles party from Jason Berry on Vimeo.

Jeanette mentioned Michelle, one of the escorts who allegedly had sex with David Vitter at the house party on St. Charles Avenue.  Michelle supposedly committed suicide on a boat that was docked in Biloxi, Mississippi.

The woman's full name was Michelle Mosgrove, she was 28 when she died.

Her death took place on August 7, 1997.

Article from Sun Herald, August 1997
The suicide occurred on a boat owned by a man (now deceased) named William Andre Droulia. The tragedy occurred in a boat slip (the boat was docked) at Point Cadet Marina in Biloxi, Mississippi. The investigation was handled by the Biloxi Police Department:

The public records request for the police report only produced the front page of the report and the name of the boat owner was redacted.  However, I have established Droulia was the owner of "AERA" through a former captain of the 74' Willard vessel...Captain Ron Canatlano piloted the boat in the early nineties previous to the 1997 suicide event. Note that the police report says there are four successive "narrative" pages...these pages weren't provided in the public records request.

I've spoken with several people who knew Michelle (they wish to remain unnamed in this story) and worked in the "industry". All were skeptical of the suicide claim including Wendy Ellis and Jeanette, who elaborates on the matter in this byte:

Jeanette on Michell Musgrove 1 from Jason Berry on Vimeo.

Jeanette mentioned that there were three women at the party on St. Charles Street, which Maier says occured in 1996, one year before Michelle's suicide.  Jeanette said two of the women had sexual interaction with David being Michelle and she declined to identify the second.  The third woman was named "Zoey".

I have tried desperately, for months, to identify Zoey (stage name) by her real name and confirm the story with her as a firsthand source. I've been unsuccessful in that quest but I believe her real first name may have been Casey and she spent a lot of time around Bourbon Street in the mid-90's.  One source thought she may have moved to California...regardless I have not been able to establish her last name.

After researching this story for the past five years, I've come to realize just how dangerous this lifestyle is for these women. Jeannette told me of being raped and manipulated by police officers early in her life and in this byte she points out how prostitutes are immediately dismissed as credible sources:

Jeanette on Michelle and discrediting prostitutes from Jason Berry on Vimeo.

I asked her about the double standard that occurs when "politricking" scandals break:

Jeanette on politricking from Jason Berry on Vimeo.

Perhaps this prosecution of women vis-a-vis the protection of "johns" speaks to an underlying misogyny in our national culture or perhaps it's a localized phenomenon in Louisiana politics but the trend seems to be repeated every time a sex scandal comes to light in our state.

I would ask you to please listen to what Jeanette has said in this final byte and consider the price these women, like Michelle, have paid for being involved with powerful political figures.


Much thanks to Doug at Slabbed for his help in this story.  

Note:  I originally stated that Judge Kurt Englehardt oversaw the Canal Street Madame case, it was Judge Ivan Lemelle.  I have since corrected that mistake.